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Learning Azure Document DB epub

Learning Azure Document DB epub

Learning Azure Document DB by Riccardo Becker

Learning Azure Document DB

Download Learning Azure Document DB

Learning Azure Document DB Riccardo Becker ebook
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781783552467
Page: 119

Visit DocumentDB's Query Playground and run SQL queries against the USDA nutrition dataset. Microsoft brings DocumentDB, Search, and HDInsight HBase services to Azure, Read Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Pier 1 Digs In.]. Learn how to use the Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK to partition (shard) data and route requests across multiple collections. Want to learn about how JSON data is stored and accessed in DocumentDB? Microsoft Azure The DocumentDB data service from Windows Azure is a cloud-based option from Microsoft. Join a team of experts to explore DocumentDB, from theoretical concepts to code demos and hands-on labs. Not sure if DocumentDB is right for your application or data? How can we improve Microsoft Azure Machine Learning? Learn how you can scale DocumentDB to meet the capacity needs of your application. Read the introduction for querying DocumentDB with SQL. Learn how to request an adjustment to DocumentDB limits such as the number of allowed collections, stored procedures and query clauses. Microsoft Azure delivers NoSQL storage via DocumentDB. Learn about the top five use cases for DocumentDB: user generated content, event logging, catalog data, user preferences data, and Internet of Things (IoT). Azure Demo: Getting started with Azure DocumentDB on Node.js in Linux. Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is hosting two great sessions at this year's Ignite Conference in Chicago, IL.

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